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Winkelmann: Stahl – weit mehr als nur ein Produkt

Steel is a versatile material that is in huge demand. This is why there are also thousands of technically advanced grades of standard and special steels for the most diverse of tasks and applications. The challenge is to be able to select and deliver the right type of steel, in the right quality, at the right time, to anywhere in the world.

We at Winkelmann Metal Solutions help you select the perfect product characteristics for your requirements, find the right manufacturer for your needs, take care of procurement and make sure that the product is delivered to you on time.

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Hot Strip

Winkelmann Materials: Warmband

Flat steel manufactured by means of continuous hot rolling is used as narrow, medium-wide and wide strip by, among others, the manufacturing industry to construct frame structures, engine components or cold pressed parts.

Furthermore, manufacturers are also calling out for hot-strip steel from which to build pressure vessels, boilers and piping. Winkelmann Metal Solutions supplies hot-rolled steel as coils or sheets made of standard steels, but also customised products as well as high-strength and special steels.

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WMS Product Range (PDF Download 291,0 KiB)

Thin sheet / coated materials

Winkelmann Materials: Thin sheet

Cold-rolled thin sheets are subject to special, to some extent highly diverse requirements. Since they are mostly used for metalworking purposes, these requirements include properties such as good cold formability, corrosion resistance or special visual characteristics.

Thin sheet is chiefly processed in the automotive, electrical engineering and heating engineering industries as well as being put to use in the iron, sheet-metal and metalworking industries and in household appliances. Winkelmann Metal Solutions supplies all types of thin sheet for every application area and in all sizes, ranging from sheets with a “conventional” surface finish through galvanised to organically coated products.

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WMS Product Range (PDF Download 291,0 KiB)

High-strength heavy plate

Winkelmann Materials: High-strength heavy plate

Heavy plate made on a reversing or continuous hot-rolling mill is put to use in highly stressed structures in the steel, bridge-building, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, offshore-platform construction and vehicle manufacturing industries as well as in a multitude of other applications. Winkelmann Metal Solutions supplies heavy plate in all standard and custom sizes, all with the same degree of reliability.

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WMS Product Range (PDF Download 291,0 KiB)

Custom-Steels Service

Winkelmann Materials: Custom-Steels Service

In addition to the full range of hot-strip, heavy-plate and thin-sheet products, Winkelmann Metal Solutions GmbH supplies custom solutions such as special-grade steels or semi-finished materials, like slit strip, bars, blanks and much more.

From expert advice when selecting materials through manufacturer-independent materials planning to delivering on time, Winkelmann Metal Solutions’ custom-steels service offers you one-stop procurement.

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WMS Product Range (PDF Download 291,0 KiB)

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